"We Treat Your Collision Repair Just Like Our Show Winning Restorations & Paint." 

Jimmy Warren, owner of Absolute Quality Auto Body in Santa Rosa, began learning how to do auto-body work and create custom paint jobs when he was just 14, working with his grandfather (an auto body repair and paint man) during the summers. Jimmy soon realized that he loved the work, and that he had a real talent for it. 
    When he was a little older Jimmy took a job at a local auto body shop, learning the ins and outs of doing custom—what he calls “candy”—paint jobs. At age 22 he started his own business, Metalmorphosis, creating one-of-a-kind, custom designs on motorcycles—pin striping, flames, and other art. He quickly gained a reputation for above-average, original work.

1841 Piner Road, Santa Rosa CA.

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Show Quality Custom Paint



Paintless Dent Repair

.Award-Winning Custom Design and Paint
He entered the world of custom show cars, doing his own sheet metal fabrication and creating stunning designs with show-quality paint jobs. The custom car world sat up and took notice. Jimmy’s original, custom paint jobs and designs have been featured on no less than eight magazine covers. 
    In Custom Classic Truck magazine, writer John Gilbert described Jimmy as “a gifted custom painter, with a knack for turning out show-stoppers.” In addition, Jimmy’s custom cars have won second place awards two times at the Los Angeles Roadster Show. 

Collision Repair
But not everybody has a show car, or needs a custom paint job. For most, the only reason to visit a body shop is for repairs after an accident. In 2012, Jimmy opened Absolute Quality Auto Body, and has been helping people restore their cars to pre-collision perfection ever since. 
    Jimmy brings his experience in custom car restoration to bear at Absolute Quality Auto Body.  He knows the difference between a bad job and a good job, and the difference between a good job and a very good job. He will accept nothing less than the latter.
    “In the auto body industry a lot of shops are just running cars through,” said Jimmy, shaking his head. “It’s often directed by the insurance company and it becomes a case of just doing the least work necessary to finish the job. Frequently, people bring their cars in here for something else and while I’m inspecting I find old repairs that weren’t done right. I always fix those bad repairs before I start.” 
    Jimmy’s office, on Piner Road in Santa Rosa, has photos of his family prominently displayed, along with framed shots of custom vehicles. A restored bench car seat serves as a couch for visitors. A terrarium holds Jimmy’s pet turtle, Scooter, and beneath that is a kennel for his dog, Brutus, a Shiba Inu that sometimes accompanies him to work. 
    Through the office window three or four cars can be seen in the work bay, all in various stages of repair. Jimmy has two employees, carefully vetted for their skill and thoroughness, something that is of paramount importance to him. 

Nothing is overlooked
“I’m very detail oriented,” says Jimmy, laughing. “In fact, I’m a bit neurotic about it. People tell me I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, but for me there is no line.”
    It’s that attention to detail that keeps Absolute Quality Auto Body customers coming back time after time. Having learned his trade in the brightly lit, hyper-scrutiny of custom car competition, where nothing can be hidden, Jimmy knows that the devil is in the details, and no details—even those that can’t be seen by the customer—are overlooked. 
    “I’m very honest,” says Jimmy, proudly. “I do a quality repair with no runaround; you always get your money’s worth. I’m working for my customers, not their insurance companies. No car leaves this shop unless the repairs are perfect. I never cut corners.”

A Personal Touch
Referring to himself with a smile as “a bit of a control freak,” Jimmy personally works on every single car that comes through his shop. This commitment to personal, quality auto body repair has created a cadre of satisfied customers who continue to bring their vehicles to Jimmy for auto body repair, paint, and professional detailing.
    For Jimmy, the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the happy look on a customer’s face when they see their customized, detailed, or repaired car for the first time. 

“When my customers get their cars back they’re always happy,” he says. “I love seeing their smiles. It feels good knowing the job was done right and the customer’s happy.”
    Over time, this level of work and care for his customer’s cars—what Jimmy often refers to as “their babies”—has created a family of sorts among Jimmy’s customers. He knows their stories and they know that Jimmy has their best interests in mind when they bring their vehicles to him. 
“My customers often become friends,” says Jimmy. “They appreciate me for the quality of my work and the kind of person I am.”
    Through Absolute Quality Auto Body Jimmy gives back to his community, donating to cystic fibrosis research and to local sports teams. When not at work, Jimmy loves hiking, movies, and throwing a ball for Brutus on the beach. 
    Despite Absolute Quality Auto Body’s success Jimmy plans to keep his business small in order to always be able to provide the personal touch and attention to detail for which he is known. If you bring your “baby” to Jimmy for detailing, collision repair, or one-of-a-kind customization, you can know that Jimmy will personally do much of the work, and that your car will receive the best care possible.
When you want  an expert who will treat you with respect, handle your insurance company, and return your vehicle with a quality repair and/or restoration; making the entire experience quick and professional then come to the best in quality…come to Absolute Quality Auto Body.

We’ll meet you and learn about the history of your car. Our technicians will then prepare a detailed estimate of what we’ll do to restore your car to pre-accident condition. We work for you not your insurance company.

Collision Repair
AQA is a full service collision repair,  custom paint & restoration shop which specializes in treating your car, whether it is a vintage restoration or a collision repair, with the same quality and attention to detail that has won Jimmy countless "Best Of..."  awards. 

                                                                Show Quality Custom Paint
Jimmy has been doing custom—what he calls “candy”—paint jobs creating one-of-a-kind, custom designs —pin striping, flames, and other art in Sonoma County for over 15 years. He quickly gained a reputation for above-average, original work over a decade ago and has been turning out show stoppers ever since.

He entered the world of custom show cars, doing his own sheet metal fabrication and creating stunning designs with show-quality paint jobs. The custom car world sat up and took notice. Jimmy’s original, custom paint jobs and designs have been featured on no less than eight magazine covers. 

Jim Warren is known throughout Sonoma County as a excellent auto body repair & restoration specialist who's custom paint jobs are sure to get your classic a "best of" at the next show. Jim strives for greater Industry professionalism and excellence with each and every project.

Paintless Dent Repair
Contact our technicians to see if our quality paintless
 dent repair is right for your vehicle.

We offer a range of detailing services to make your car gleam like new. We offer 50% off standard detailing rates to repair customers. Ask us for our complete menu of options.

  Structural Repair and Alignment. 
We restore the vehic le to its proper structural alignment and factory specifications. 

Paint and Finish. 
We only use the best quality PPG paints to ensure optimum gloss and durability. Colors are mixed by factory computer codes and then custom tinted by a trained technician to match your vehicle’s specific color.

Written Warranty. 
We give each customer a detailed written warranty specific to the services performed on the car. We strive for total customer service and work hard to earn and keep your business.